Press Brake Control
Mechanical Press Brake Guarding
Retains Mechanical Pedal to Slow Form Parts and to Retain Operator Feel for Forming

  Package 1
Model 3400 SS (Solid State) Control System
Description Control Panel Ordering Procedure

Package 1 was designed to retain the existing mechanical foot pedal for machine actuation in conjuction with the use of a Triad SuperLight-W FLOATING BLANK infrared light curtain as the point of operation guard. Excellent for the long run and where versatility is needed during the forming cycle.

Meets current OSHA standards for control reliability and component monitoring and also incorporates brake monitoring.




Includes the following components

 No. 300 Calibrated Switch Actuator (Activates Select-O-Stop)  No. 301 Limit Switches (Five)  No. 303 Dual Solenoid Valve with muffler
 No. 304 Air Cylinder Assembly  No. 306 Heavy Duty Pressure Switch  No. 311 Filter, Regulator, Lubricator

A proper point of operation guarding device is required when using the mechanical foot pedal as the press brake actuating device. Refer to SuperLight VI Programmable Safety Light Curtain for proper guarding device specifications.

Operational Description
Package 1 allows an operator to engage and disengage the mechanical friction clutch on a mechanical press brake with the existing mechanical pedal. The light is activated at the top of the stroke (Top Stop) when the operator depresses the mechanical foot treadle and the ram begins its downward travel. This is the hazardous portion of the stroke. The light curtain stays on and the machine cycles until the light curtain is interrupted by the operator or passerby. When interrupted, the solenoid valve is de-energized and the air is dumped from the air cylinder causing the press brake to stop and the mechanical foot pedal to fall to the floor. When the interruption is cleared, the SuperLight VI light system automatically resets and the foot pedal gently rises to continue the machine cycle. The operator has total control on the machine cycling speed and the forming speed, (Slow-forming) as they currently do by retaining the mechanical pedal as the actuating device.

This system is excellent for the press brake that is working at the top end of the tonnage spectrum and that works with a wide range of products and where the operator must have control of the forming speed.

Select-O-Stop function is activated by the calibrated switch actuator which is mounted on the side of the ram. Select-O-Stop allows the operator to bring the ram down to a preset position which is 1/4" above the material being formed and will automatically stop the ram. This gives the operator the opportunity to realign the work piece and then slow form the workpiece if desired. Select-O-Stop is a keyed function on/off on the main control panel.

Automatic Ram Cycling
AUTO CYCLE-Package 1 is designed for single stroke only. Auto Cycle allows the press to continue past top stop as long as the operator has maintained foot pedal contact, and stop at the Select-O-Stop position. Auto Cycle may only be used with a light guard, which will prevent the press from continuing past top stop, if the operator has his/her hand in the die area when the press reaches top of stroke. Auto-Cycle is controlled by a keyed selector switch on the control panel, on/off. Excellent for small part production and workpieces with flanges.

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