Press Brake Controls
Mechanical Press Brake Control with Automatic Slow Forming

  Package 2100
Model 3400 SS (Solid State) Control System
Description Control Panel Ordering Procedure

Package 2100 incorporates single stroke function with Select-o-Stop and ram control functions. This converts mechanically actuated press brakes to electrical foot switch actuation and gives the press brake automatic slow forming capability. Excellent for the long run and small piece part production shop where uniform piece part forming is required. Meets current OSHA standards for control reliability and component monitoring and also incorporates brake monitoring.




Package 2100 Components:

 No. UL-102 UltraTouch Modules (optional)  No. 300 Calibrated Switch Actuator (Activates Select-O-Stop)  No. 301 Limit Switches (four)
 No. 302 Guarded Foot Switch  No. 303 Dual Solenoid Valve with Muffler  No. 306 Heavy Duty Pressure Switch
 No. 311 Filter, Regulator, Lubricator  No. 305 Ram Control Cylinder Assembly.
Provides a slow speed feature on mechanically actuated, friction clutch press brakes. This allows the operator to automatically slow-form a part to prevent damage to the part and to prevent potential injury due to part "whipping up" during the forming. When equipped with the ram control, the ram advances to a pre-determined position above the work with the clutch fully engaged (fast down). At this point, the ram will stop, allowing for realignment of the part before forming. The foot switch is then actuated a second time and the ram will advance slowly, forming the part and then return to the top of the stroke at a high speed (fast return). The Ram Control can be adjusted to provide the best speed for the part being formed. Packages 2100 and 2101 utilize the Triad Ram Control Cylinder.

Automatic Ram Cycling and Indexing Options
Auto Cycle.
All systems are designed for single stroke only. Auto Cycle allows the press to continue past top stop as long as the operator has maintained foot pedal contact, and stop at the Select-O-Stop position. AutoCycle may only be used with a light guard, which will prevent the press from continuing past top stop, if the operator has his/her hand in the die area when the press reaches top stroke. Excellent for the production of small parts on press brakes and workpieces with flanges.

Auto Retrip. When Select-O-Stop has been turned on, the press will automatically stop at preset point, which is normally set just above the piece part to be formed. The operator then has to release the pedal and depress it to continue the forming cycle. The Auto Retrip function will automatically restart the press at that point, as long as the operator maintains foot pedal contact. Excellent for large sheet forming.

Auto Form. While controlling the forming speed of a piece part, it sometimes is necessary to fully engage the clutch, just prior to the bottom of the stroke, to obtain a desired radius with the die being used. Auto Form will bypass the feed cylinder at that point, allowing full engagement of the clutch and preventing the possibility of a stall at the bottom of the stroke. Excellent for top end tonnage forming on press brakes.

Auto Return. Press will automatically return to top of stroke after piece part has been formed. (Requires additional limit switch) This feature enhances ram cycling.

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