Press Brake Controls


Guidelines to Proper Equipment Selection

Advanced Design Criteria for both Punch Press & Press Brake Controls

Mechanical Press Brake Control with Automatic Slow Forming

  • Package 2100
    (Incorporates single stroke function with Select-O-Stop and ram control functions)

Mechanical Press Brake Guarding

  • Package 1
    Retains Mechanical Pedal to Slow Form Parts and to Retain Operator Feel for Forming
    (Allows an operator to engage and disengage the mechanical friction clutch on a mechanical press brake with the existing mechanical pedal)
  • Package 2101
    Two-Hand/Foot Method of Guarding and Machine Control
    (Converting mechanical press brakes currently being actuated by a mechanical treadle)

Mechanical Press Brake Control When Used as Punch Press

  • Package 2110
    (Allows the press brake to be operated as a partial revolution punch press)

Air Clutch Press Brake Controls

  • Package 2120
    Updates Controls to Obtain Control Reliability
    (Designed for the air clutch press brake that requires the controls to be updated to meet current control reliability standards)
  • Package 3122
    Updates Controls to Obtain Control Reliability forTwo-Hand/Foot Method of Guarding and Machine Control
    (Updates controls to obtain control reliability two hand/foot method of guarding and machine control)

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